If you are in Berlin, please please visit the Botanic Garden. It's AMAZING!


  1. Wonderful video! You're right, whenever we're not inspired we should go out! I confess when I'm not inspired for writing (that's what I do) I'm angry with myself, moody and I watch TV, surf the Internet or sleep. I'd better gone as you to the botanic garden to draw... and take green energy from the plants!

    Your video has also reminded me my time in Edinburgh. When I lived in this grey city each sunny day (they were quite rare) felt like a present. So I always went out in a hurry and went to the botanic garden all the way by foot (it took me one hour or so). I loved the place it made me feel so relax, so happy so... connected with existance. It was one of my favourite places in the city.

    Thanks very much for sharing these lovely moments with us! And as always I love your drawings, they're special.

    Congratulations for your publishing!! Can wait to read your travel journal...