August favorites people!

1. Frozen
2. My new red ink: Rohrers Antiktusche in tone Krapprot (I talked about it here)
3. The amazing clouds we have here in Berlin
4. My new The Body Shop lipstick Colour Crush in 225 Blushing Pink
5. My mother, my brother and my niece, because they visited me two weeks ago :)
6. Tiny cactus that make my workspace a very lovely environment
7. My living room, because it started to feel cozy and a real home to me
8. Sweaters
9. Cosmos (the tv series)


  1. I've been meaning to watch Cosmos, thanks for reminding me! ^_^
    I love your illustrations so much and you've really inspired me to start drawing again so I bought some watercolors, a notebook and some ink (black because I can't find red :( ) and today I'm going to start my amazing journey of finding my illustration style!

  2. Creo que toda la linea de esos lipsticks se llama Colour Crush, los tonos son números =)

    1. Gracias Daniella! Soy nueva en esto, ahí lo corregí ;)

  3. This is absolutely beautiful Fran! I always get a burst of inspiration when I see your work. Keep it up. :)

  4. I like sweaters and cloud... and also the marvellous feeling of being at a place you can call "home" even if you're in a different country.

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  6. hi frannerd, i love your blogs and i also admire your drawings. i am currently drawing a bunch of crazy doodles. but one day while i was searching for drawing tips and videos of drawings, then i saw your channel and i liked your drawings. they are so cool. i subscribed after that. i even suggested your channel to my friends. and now they subscribe too. you are a great inspiration to me. :)


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