May is over and there's nothing more therapeutic, than remembering all the amazing stuff that I loved in the past month:

1. Painting with watercolors
Nothing new to see here guys; as you can see for my entire blog or the blog I have with Zoe, watercolor is ON! I love it! I've been practicing every night and I can't wait to use them. Can I talk more about them? Can I?

2. From Up On Poppy Hill
So, as you guys know, I LOVE Studio Ghibli's movies. I probably have watched all of the movies so far, but this month I watched at least two times "From Up On Poppy Hill", a very simple and enchanting story, just like every Studio Ghibli movie. Have you watched? What do you think?

3. Da Vinci brushes
I bought these brushes this month and I love them! I talked about them for the first time in this video and they were a huge investment (hey, 2,50€ per brush is a lot, right?), but all the money was worth it!

4. Albinwonderland
Since I can work listening to stuff, amazing stuff, this month (besides From Up on Poppy Hill), Angelina's channel was a GREAT company. Or "company" because, well, I don't know Angelina in person. Anyway, she's the best. I love her: I love her personality, her videos, her HAIR. I've been following her since, wow, a couple of years now. But this is the first time that I say this publicly: Angelina I love you, damn it!

5. My (almost) pink hair
Ok, ok, I can't stop talking about it but yes, I love my almost pink hair. Some day I would make my dream come true and I will dye it complete, but for know, this is what I can get. Thank you SO much Gloria for helping me out! You're THE BEST.

6. Cats on instagram
How sad it's to laugh so hard you cry, but with cats? But not videos, just pictures. And they are doing nothing. This month I started following a few amazing instagram accounts full of cats. My favorite ones: Ats and Nicklas, Hamilton and Jacob and Bella.

7. Little notebook
A few weeks ago, Javi, from Notas de Arte, sent me this beautiful handmade notebook. I couldn't believe that she actually did this herself but she also sent this to me to Berlin. Just because. How sweet is that?

8. Yogurt
Because it's awesome. My favorite one? Alpro in peach flavor, OMG.

9. Spring in Berlin
Rains a lot, yes. It's cloudy most of the time, yes. But it's warm and you can see the sun until 9.30PM! Can you believe this? This weather makes me SO happy!

10. Doing what I love
Sometimes, my lovely nerds, I forget how lucky I'm because I work doing what I love the most. This month I received a lot of amazing e-mails from readers and viewers who were congratulating me and motivating me because of my illustrations. And also telling me that I, in some bizarre way, inspired them to take the same illustration/art path and they are following their dreams too! Which is insane! Just to think that I make people laugh or happy with my work makes me the most luckiest person in the world!

11. This whole Sailor Moon frenzy
One time somebody asked me if I was upset because now everybody are talking about Sailor Moon and everybody are drawing Sailor Moon. ARE YOU NUTS?! How can I be mad! This a dream come true! Just picture this: everybody is drawing Sailor Moon, everybody is talking about Sailor Moon, everybody are doing Sailor Moon Cosplays, there's new Sailor Moon merchandaising and the best of all: There's a new Sailor Moon SERIE! Yeah, I'm super mad.

So guys, what things made you happy this month?
Have an amazing day!


  1. I am sooo excited for the new sailor moon I almost cried when I found out. And yaaay! I love from Up on Poppy Hill <3

  2. I've never seen From Up On Poppy Hill! How did I miss that one??? I know what I'll being doing tonight! Such a great journal! :D

    1. Thank you Sydney! PLEASE watch that movie! <3 <3

  3. Hey!
    I just downloaded your stickers for Line the other day and thought they vere the very best!! And now I've discovered your blog too and I truly like it. Your stile is cute, kawaii, inspiring...

    Btw, I saw From Up On Poppy Hill last year at the cinema and thought it was so touching. Ghibli films are amazing!

    Thanks :) xxx