October was a very intense month: it was my birthday, I had lots and lots of projects and plus, I'm visiting (right now) my home town doing talks, panels and workshops. These past few days have been really hectic and crazy, but it's not an excuse for not sharing with you all the nice things I've loved last month. 

1. Lush Bubble bar, a gift from my dear friend Matias (who noticed I was a little stressed out)
2. DC Comics Covergirls, an amazing gift from Ed
3. Lovely face powder, a gift from lovely Anke (you have no idea how much I love it!)
4. The New Ghost, also from Ed
5. My pencil neckless
6. Oh Lala Studio, 'cause they helped me love my hair again
7. Wonderful chirimoyas 
8. Jane, The Fox And Me, also from Ed
10. Sweet Jesus, avocados!!!!

I hope you have a great November, my lovely nerds :)


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