Having german classes every day it's affecting my life. Like yesterday, for example; I had a dream where I was doing my homework. Only that: me doing the german homework. Can you believe this?

I'm goin' nuts.

Have you ever experienced this in your life? Like dreaming about doing your homework or just speaking in a language that you're learning?

By the way, this is the nerdiest dream I ever had. Have a great day! :)


  1. All the time! Well, used to, when I was learning English.

    (also, it's "nerdiest").

  2. Nope, pero varias veces he soñado estar en la pega como si fuera un día normal, aunque otras veces soñaba que dejo la embarrá y me retan. Es cuático cuando algo se apodera de tu vida al punto de soñar con ello xD

    Ánimo con tus clases y tus tareas :)!

  3. Hey Fran, pero traducenos tu sueño, suena a un montón de malas palabras jaja. :D

  4. uff cuando estudiaba frances sonaba en frances pero aunque lo reconocia en el sueno, no entendia nada jajja eran pesadillas horribles pero ya paso y sueno en frances y espanol. las tareas cuek! recuerdo temas del tipo, buscar un arriendo, buscar empleo, los medios de comunicacion, ir al medico... no me parecian tan entretenidos pero en fin! mucho animo, ademas que conoceras gente, sus historias etc.
    aprender un idioma siempre es una aventura mas si estas lejos de tus tierras...

  5. I dream about work all the time. Feels like constant double shifts :(

  6. All the time! hehe... it's really normal to have dreams in the language you are using the most, specially if you are learning it so it's a good sign, Fran! Don't freak out! You are going down the right path, you are processing the meaning of words. Learning a language is not about memorizing the equivalent of one word to that one of your mother tongue. It's much more than that!

    The fact that you are dreaming in German in such a little time shows how involved you are with the process of learning and of course, this is facilitated by the fact that you are learning in a place where the language is all around. In my case, I started dreaming of English like 5 or 6 years after I started learning, so imagine how fast you are doing it!

    Congratulations and keep up the good work :)

    1. :O thank you SO much for the kind words! This is really weird for mee!
      But I think I'll just have to get use to this :)

  7. Hi fran, can i ask what computer editing software you use? I love your drawings!