Germans love BIO. And "bio" it's just another way to say organic: organic food, organic shoes, organic clothes, organic make-up, organic shower gels, organic coffee shops, organic restaurants, organic bakeries. Everything can be organic. Even things I would never imagine organic, they can be. Like cat food!

Germans love SO much bio, that in every block you'll probably find one 100% bio store. They are everywhere! And this is something really amazing.

I still can't pay organic products, even though here are not at much expensive as the regular products. This is basic economics: the demand is really high, therefore organic groceries and beauty products can be almost at the same price as the rest of the other things.

I love how this whole movement have make me start to think about the importance of avoid dangerous chemicals, pesticides or another harmful substances that are in our daily care and food.

So, when organic things are on sale I don't hesitate to buy them :)

What do you think about this organic movement? How is the organic comunity in your country?


  1. I just bought some stickers from your etsy shop can't wait for them to arrive :D can i ask - do you use photoshop when processing photos on your computer?
    I love your pictures:))

  2. Organics in Germany sounds great! Here in the US there's a lot of organic products but they are mostly a lot more expensive. :(

  3. wow what an amazing drawing. can you please directed us how much quantity we should be gives to our pets
    What should I feed my new kittens?