Getting to know the human body is tricky: the proportions, the movements or even the "more natural"  poses. Believe me, for me the poses are always the hardest part. So, there's nothing better than use real models for this matter. No, no, you don't need to hire a professional model!  Just follow some of the hundreds of fashion tumblrs around the cyberspace, make some nice cup of tea and start to doodle them. It's FREE :D

Can you recommend me your favorite tumblr?
Have a nice Monday!


  1. hey, I just came across your blog over at essiebutton! Love your drawings, your style is very cute and girly!
    I'm currently studying illustration at Glasgow, I have a blog -
    I hope to be at the stage you are at, your illustrations look so professional, I am still useless with photoshop, but trying to get better!
    now following :)

  2. Love your drawings, they're amazing!
    I have a tumblr page;
    Hope you like it and get some inspiration maybe:)

  3. Me encanta. Yo estoy en busca de mi propio "ESTILO". Hablando de estilo me refiero a los muchos ámbitos de mi vida, y eso incluye a la ilustración tbm. Estudio diseño gráfico y lo que más me llama la atención es la ilustración y bueno no es algo en lo que se centren cuando uno estudia diseño gráfico. Me encanta tu blog y lo encontré mediante tus vídeos en youtube, en especial uno sobre los lapices que usabas para ilustrar, son de mucha ayuda. Saludos desde Perú.

  4. If you're still looking for more fashin blog, I recommand this one!