Day 24: A couple

I was about to draw Barbara Canepa and Alessandro Barbucci (because they are very talented and my unconditional love for them has no limits), but a few months ago I came across Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis's work, and I think it has to be highlighted. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a marriage of talent: he writes and she draws. In their hands are the Wildwood Chronicles, an amazing collection of beautifully edited and illustrated books (I already ordered the two first ones on Amazon, so I'll do a video-review soon) and also, are members of their own band: The Decemberists.

I think there is nothing cuter than creative couples, working and creating things together. I really admire their work and it wasn't hard identify with them 'cause Ed and I are having plans to do more stuff together.

Check out the amazing work of this incredible duo :)

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