Three things you could draw at a coffee shop:

1. Practice human posture. Draw at least 5 people sitting down drinking coffee or talking to another person.
2. Practice clothing. Mastering the art of clothes can be tricky and take some time; draw folded fabric, zippers, coats, sweaters and noticed how people are dressed.
3. Go crazy and draw a monster sitting on a chair talking to a friend.

Don't forget to use #drawoutside and share your drawings with me!
I hope you like this video, have a lovely day :)


  1. I really like the sitting cat

  2. Very nice. Act normal, Mark. Haha

  3. Amazing! Now I want to go to coffee shop and draw :)
    Fran, I'm interested what brand of sketchbook is it?

  4. I love your sketches! They're amazing!

  5. What a lovely idea.
    I also spend like 5 evenings in a week in my favourite café, were I also love to work. Since I want to draw more often, I will definitely try to sketch a little the next time I'll visit my "special place".

  6. I'm a recent follower of your youtube channel, I'm currently on your "Let's go out!" playlist that led me to this blog post. I want to try and improve on drawing people, so I'm gonna try those suggestions. :)

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