Hello my nerds! How's your Monday going so far?
Since a lot of you always ask me about my favorite places here in Berlin, I decided to start a new section on my blog called "Frannerd's Berlin Guide", so next time, if you're here visiting on a holiday with your family or friends, you know where are the nicest places for buying pencils, sketchbooks, my favorite parks or coffee shops, restaurants, and well... you get the idea.

So, I want to start this section with my all-time-favorite: Freckles Heaven, one of my favorite vegan coffee shops here in Berlin. In winter, Freckles was like home to me: once a week I went there to buy a nice cup of hot chocolate (or their amazing Chai Latte) and I do my german homework.

Perfect for going with your girlfriends or even alone to cuddle with a good book. All the girls behind the counter are super super lovely and you can spend hours there listen to the good music they play or tasting the amazing sweet and fresh bake goods available.

My favorites: chai latte, hot chocolate in winter-time, chocolate cake and nougat-buttercreme torte.

Freckles Heaven website
and don't forget to like their facebook page 

I hope you like this new section on my blog, have a lovely day my nerds :)


  1. I hope I can make use of this guide one day :)

  2. I read a previous post of yours were you mentioned Essie. You said that you really liked letting people know when they're doing something awesome. So here I am to tell you, You're AWESOME. I love all illustrations. They always somehow make me feel better, maybe it's the colors or the way you work with water colors that's so refreshing. I also look up to you. You dropped everything and moved to a country 'al otro lado del charco". I too left the country I was born and raised in and moved to... DUN DUN DUN!!! South Korea. Man such a culture shock! Soy mexicana y se exactamente cómo se siente. Extraño a mis raíces también. I'm not to good at writing in Spanish since I never had to practice in America. I watch your videos so I don't lose the essence on my hispanic roots. I have no one to speak spanish to so I feel one day I may no longer know the language its scary. Any I just wanted to know that I really appreciate you and can't wait to continue watching your videos and reading your blog!

    Ciao, Wendy (

  3. I absolutely love chai latte. The coffe shop seems amezing, it's a pity Berlin is so far from me for the moment! I hope I can find a place like that in my own city though ;)

  4. That cafe sounds like perfection I must go visit!!

    Anna | Taupe Cassette