July was an amazing month, here some of the stuff that made me happy:

1. Vainilla tea with roiboos.

2. My super summery pj's from Primark. Since Berlin is freaking hot, I needed a nice pj's for this crazy weather.
3. My first liquid foundation: Maybelline Fit me in "natural ivory" and I love it! I blends really well with my skin tone and it has a really natural finish.
4. Since this month Sailor Moon Crystal came out, and because I knew the show will be based on the manga, I decided to read again the first volume.
5. Onion bread: because I judged it and then I regretted it. It's amazing.
6. The lovely Hey Claire and Books and Quiltts are awesome. Since I can hear stuff while I work, they were the perfect company this past month.
7. Volkspark. It's so far my favorite park in Berlin and this month was my second home.
8. The guardi Artistico Aquarello pad. I talked more about it on this video!
9. Drinking water from a huge jar. Because in summer a 200ml. glass is not enough, a huge 700ml. jar is perfect: fill it with water, ice and some lemon slices.
10. (I forget to put a number on it) Is the lovely fact of being a freelancer and work wherever I want. For one morning my office was a lovely park near my apartment and I can't wait to do that again.

What things made you happy this month, my lovely nerds? Let me know!
I hope you are having an amazing day!


  1. I know it isn't really illustration-related but could you do a video/post about the makeup you use? <3

  2. Once again, I love your blog, your videos and your illustration style! You are unique drawing those super cute fat cats...

    Vanilla tea with roiboos sounds like the perfect drink to have when reading your blog, haha. And I think you had a wonderful idea, working directly in a park it's perfect considering the summer's heat! I should try that mysefl.

    And I think that drawing your favourite things every month is a very interesting habit (and positive). I'm sure that if I did so I would realise I'm happier than I think... or at least that there are tons of things from which I should feel grateful...

    1. Thank you for the nice comments :)
      Please try a vanilla tea with roiboos, is AMAZING! <3

  3. Onion bread is the one!

    Oh Fran I am becoming obsessed with your Illustrations, you are just a huge inspiration to me as a junior Illustrator/ Graphic designer.

    And your two videos on how to find your own illustration style have helped me so much, thank you!!

    ooh also thought I would mention a lovely tea company I have recently discovered down here in Brighton, which is perfect for a sweet afternoon fix. The company is call Bluebird and they do the most amazing flavors such as 'Birthday cake' 'Pear Drops' 'Water Melon Splash' and loads more!

    I chose Cherry Bakwell (like the cakes) and it is soo yummy!