Lovely things on June :)

1. Ecoline
I don't know why, but usually when I have the chance to buy Ecoline's watercolors, I always choose very "safe colors". Like sepia, or dark reds for outlining my illustrations. But this time, an amazing vibrant pink caught my attention. It's the Ecoline in Pastel Rose 390: vibrant in its pure solution, but if you add some water, a beautiful soft pink will came out. Amazing and marvelous: I use it daily.

2. My french coffee maker
Coffee in Berlin is cheap-as-chips. What you pay for "instant" coffee, can easily be the same price for a bag of good coffee beans. Therefore, I decided to invest in a good french coffee maker, and it has been absolutely AMAZING. It's a smaller version than the regular one: you can make only one big cup of coffee (or two small expresso cups) so it has become my one true work-partner this whole month.

3. Pilot G-TEC-C
I think I once mentioned how much I love Pilot G-Tec-C pens. Well, I found out that Pilot has the same pen I love, but instead of 0.4 they have it also in 0.25, a much thiner version of the first one. And I'm in love: perfect for little details, or creating shadows or textures in your illustrations. If you see it in your favorite art supply store, give it a try!

Oh my lovely nerds. There's no month without me buying some pencils or a new sketchbook, but rarely I make investments in my career. I think the last big investment I did for me was the Wacom Cintiq I bought almost three years ago. That, until I decided to buy a new amazing paper guillotine. Since I'm producing by hand my new illustrated travel journal, I figured having a good paper guillotine would be the perfect companion for this adventure. Cuts 35 pages at once and it's become one of my most-use tools for my sale products. 

5. Fall in love with futbol
Futbol (or soccer for you guys) it's something that never caught my attention. That until World Cup came out. Maybe it's because I miss my country a lot, or maybe it's because watching Chile play made me feel really emotional.. I don't know, but I never felt SO invested in futbol before. I loved to feel angry, happy, excited, been sad. Feeling the victory of the chilean team as my own victory, and feeling the failure of the team as my own failure. It's amazing and so beautiful to feel proud for my country and for the things we've accomplish. 

6. Vsauce
As you may know my lovely readers, I love hearing interesting or funny stuff while I'm working: since I can pay attention to my illustrations and hear stuff on videos or talks, I became a real fan of Vsauce, the youtube channel of Michel Stevens, where he answer big questions:  What if the Earth stopped spinning. why we kiss, what is the resolution of the human eye, why do we clap, among other! Michel's work it's amazing, please watch his videos!

7. Dehydrated coconut 
With banana, with your morning oatmeal or with dessert.

8. Accomplish something and doing something with my hands
This is a doble point for me, and it's about my illustrated travel journal. Yes, yes, I'm talking again about my journal, sorry! But really: ending that project, guys, was a huge thing for me. I'm the worst person at ending stuff or getting stuff done, so completing a project it's something that rarely happens. But if you work hard, you can do it! Besides that: doing something with my hands and being my own factory (folding paper, building little books, staple them, cutting, putting them on a nice envelope...) it's the most rewarding experience in the world. I know it's a very long process that involves a lot of steps, but it worths it. I'm very happy of finishing this project and sharing this whole experience with you guys :)

Angry Video Game Nerd: I knew about James Rolfe's youtube channel for a looong time. But this month Ed and I decided to watch all the AVGN episodes. I'm not a huge fan of video games, but for some reason this month I felt really curious about the story behind them, the different console models or stuff like that. James not only plays the worst video games in history, but engages you in a fantastic journey of video games, their history, fun facts and all that amazing geek culture. 

10. My bike
This month I bought an used bike, and I love it. Recently Ed bought me a little basket to put all my junk on it, so I think the only thing it's missing is a good and nice helmet. Riding a bike through Berlin is been one of the most beautiful experiences of this month; it's truly amazing getting to know a city with a bike.

11. Leggins
Before I leaved Chile, my good friend Sue Wang gave me a par of dark blue leggins, and I wore those mofos every single day. Working with them or just been at home wearing them, it's the most comfortable experience in the universe. 

And you, my lovely nerds, what things made you happy in June?
Please tell me! :)

Sending you a big hug from the rainy Berlin, have an amazing week!
Oh! And a new Let's Draw Something it's coming up! Please subscribe and stay tuned! :)

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