Some stuff I loved on April, welcome!

1. Watercolors
On April I started using watercolors to outline my illustrations and I LOVE them. Right now I'm using Winsor&Newton and they are amazing.

2. Brushes
The thinest ones: 00 and 3/0 are my favorites. I'm using Boesner brushes.

3. Beets and carrots.
Together, grated.

4. My neighbor's chubby cat.

5. Pictoplasma
Last month I decided to collaborate with Pictoplasma, helping out to set up the workshops, at the info desk, picking up the artist to the airport and so on. It was an amazing experience.

6. Modern Family
Because is awesome and I love Gloria and Manny. I'm still waiting for the true adventures of Salazar y El Oso.

7. Cous cous with salad
Every night, with seaweed on top. YUM.

8. Her
The movie and the soundtrack. I'm hooked.

9. Wunderlich cafe
I have tried the BEST soy-milk latte ever forever, and it's located in the coffee shop downstairs my apartment. Lucky me :)

10. Dora the Explorer
Ok, yeah, I'm insane, but it's the easiest and most fun way to learn german. The dialogs are simple, the characters talk really slow and the songs are catchy. Curious? Click here!


  1. I love the movie Her too. It is a very different type of futuristic movie. Taking about carrots... Have you tried carrot and butternut squash soup with coriander? Love from the UK. Pamela

    1. OMG that soup sounds delicious!!! Thank for the idea Pamela!
      Hugs from here :)

  2. A good soy vanilla latte is a rare find ;) Love your illustrations <3