Germans love tote bags. Well, in general, they love any kind of non-plastic bag.
Why? Because of their eco-friendly system: here in Berlin you have to pay for using a plastic bag.

The first time (and the second, and also the third time) I didn't realize I had to bring my own plastic/tote bag with me, so when I was a few seconds away to pay everything, I noticed they where no plastic bags near me. So, I had to pay 0,50€ for each plastic bag I had used.


But it's a good thing though. Now I'm used to have a tote bag always with me, just in case. And you have no idea how good it feels not to throw away so many plastic bags at the end of the day.

Good job Germany :)

Ps. Germans also love IKEA bags for carrying EVERYTHING; clothes, food, empty bottles and so on. Those blue bags are everywhere!

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  1. That's funny, I'm not aware of this german culture things until I go abroad and, no matter where, find plastic bags thrown at me in every supermarket ... of course I prefer using my own tote bag even then! ;-)