Things that make me happy last month!

1. Cucumbers!
Alone, with rice or with bread, cucumbers are amazing.

2. Baking cookies for friends
This weekend I baked a ton of cookies for Francesco and Milka, the lovely couple who took care of Hamburger and Cereal (my cats) a while ago. Baking cookies for friends (or cooking in general) it's so rewarding :)

3. Hair masks!
A few weeks ago I started to use hair masks and they truly made a difference on my hair. And only for 0,50€!

4. Supplies
German classes are tuff. Seriously: every day, 3 hours plus homework. No wonder why I'm dreaming in german. So, buying a few office supplies make everything nicer and it's a BIG help for me.

5. Mangos
Because they're great.

6. Finding some episodes of Sailor Moon on Youtube.

7. The lovely books of Philip Waechter. Not only because he's an amazing illustrator, but he help me a lot with the german language in a kind way.

8. Planner book
I never thought I would use a planner, but yes. I'm using a old edition of Lomography's planner book which you can put the dates of any year (very useful btw) and it has one day per page, so it's awesome for random drawings and my usual to-do lists.

9. Ed's electronic german dictionary: easy to use and really fast finding the words. I can't ask for more :)


  1. Gracias por comparitnos tus hermosos dibujos. Si te tinca prueba mangos en tu avena quaker. Una de mis galletas favoritas que hago en casa es de avena con nueces y pasas. Saludos de Inglaterra. Pamela

  2. I love Sailor Moon! I grew up watching that show, and now they are remaking it, I thought they would be continuing it, but apparently it's just a new version. I'm excited but skeptical at the same time.