Things I've loved this past month :)

1. Freckles coffee shop. I go every sunday for my weekly cheescake or just a hot chocolate for a good and nice week-ending ritual.

2. Leuchtturm sketchbooks. These notebooks are my currently favourite ones, especially the college edition. The paper is soft and thick, the spine opens completely (which is super comfortable for me) and this brand is cheaper than Moleskines, but equally high quality.

3. Oh Pilot G-TEC-C4 I can't stop talking about you and your awesomeness. COPIC ciao, COPIC multi liner and COPIC multi liner brush don't stay far behind.

4. My cat's cheeks. Lately they are softer than ever.

5. My big fat pillow. Back in Chile we used a regular size pillow but apparently Germans use a super huge one. Is this a German thing or is common in Europe as well? Anyway, I love my big fat pillow.

6. Face masks. Never use one until I started to live here in Berlin. I found a Peel-Off mask in the farmacie and it's super super nice. Two for 0,50€!

7. Eggplants!

8. My Etsy shop and sending my products by regular email.

9. Snow, I'll never get tired of you.

10. Since I watched the "Bronies" documentary on Netflix, I started to watch My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic and it is damn good.

11. Basmati rice with soy sauce. Just that.


  1. Fraaaan! esos lápices los Copic no los venden en chile :c
    Y meeee encanta lo que haces! <3

  2. WAIT! hay un documental de bronys?

  3. That coffee shop sounds amazing, so jealous :D

  4. I love Eggplants; it's the best vegetable God ever created! And my husband enjoys Basmati rice as well.