Day 30: A congrats banner for finishing the challenge

Confession : I am very bad ending things and projects. When it comes to doing something for a client, everything runs smoothly and I never miss a deadline.

But when it comes to me, oh no. I can't. I'm in the middle something and I want to start something else that motivates me more and I excuse myself because of my workload or that I have not time, and quit.

So even though this challenge seemed simple and easy to do ( how much can be doing a drawing a day for a month), I was very afraid I couldn't finish it. Quoting Ed "start a project is super easy: you feel great, and everybody congratulates you all celebrate you have started something". But keeping a challenge/project over time and finish it's the hard part.

So I jumped. And I succeeded. And even though it is quite a tiny challenge (some people have challenges for a full year like the famous Julie Powell and Marisa Lynch) I very glad I completed: I learned to inking, something strange and interesting happened to my illustration style and filled almost two notebooks with drawings of things I thought I knew about me, but I would never have questioned before (like my favorite book, or the turning point in my life and valuing small recent gains, and so on).

I can not believe it has been a month already. Thanks to everyone who followed this challenge and encouraged me on this!

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