Day 9 : Favorite TV Show

Favorites TV shows I have millions; in the recent months,  Ed and I devoured series like nobody's business (now we're watching Basttlestar Galactica), so choosing one of the bunch was very difficult  (I have noticed that all the challenges this month has been difficult hahaha).

Anyway. Without falling into the obnoxious cliché of "Breaking Bad is the best series of all time" (because it is, but I don't want to get tired those who haven't watched it yet) I preferred to go to a all-times-favorite and choose Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls will not feed your soul in any sense, has no suspense or huges crisis. It's a show, so to speak in a way: simple. I don't know why I like it so much. I've seen it hundreds of times, at several periods in my life and I've always had a good time watching it.

It is perhaps because I love Rory. There is something I really love about people who read a lot. And every time I finish watching an episode I just want to curl with a good book and drink a tons of coffee.

Do you have a any particular favorite show? Can you recommend one? :)


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